Tours of the White Cliffs of Dover

Among our most sought-after tours are journeys to the iconic White Cliffs of Dover, the spiritual Canterbury and the majestic Leeds Castle. These tours allow our discerning clients to delve into England's heritage while basking in the luxury and comfort that our services promise. Venture with us as we reveal these marvels that blend the charm of the old world with the elegance of the new; with private tours of the White Cliffs of Dover.

Tour Features

Duration: Full one day tour

  • Starting: London hotel, Heathrow/Gatwick Airport, Southampton Cruise Terminal

  • Finishing: London, Southampton (or wherever you wish)

  • Tour is customisable

  • Luxury transport with experienced driver and guide

  • Unparalleled access to must-see attractions

Key Attractions

White Cliffs of Dover, Dover Castle, WW2 Tunnels, Canterbury Cathedral.

As well as Canterbury city, Chilham Village, and Leeds Castle.

Entrance fees to all featured attractions is included.

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Private Day Tour to the White Cliffs of Dover, Canterbury, and Leeds Castle

Join a captivating private day tour from London to explore England's iconic and historic sites: the White Cliffs of Dover, Dover Castle, Canterbury, and Leeds Castle. Discover natural beauty, medieval history, and remarkable architecture.

Start east of London at the Royal Greenwich Observatory for a panoramic city view. Then head to the White Cliffs of Dover for morning coffee and explore Dover Castle's Saxon and Napoleonic history. Next, visit Canterbury with its UNESCO-listed cathedral, showcasing stunning architecture and the tomb of Thomas Becket.

End your day at Leeds Castle, renowned as England's most beautiful castle, with a mysterious lake and a history dating back to the 12th Century. Consider touring either Anne Boleyn's family estate at Hever Castle or Churchill's country residence at Chartwell as an alternative.

Enjoy a day filled with history and beauty!


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Why Are the White Cliffs of Dover White?

Why Does the Tour Include Canterbury?

Start Planning Your Luxurious White Cliffs of Dover Experience

In offering our private and luxury tours, we commit to providing an exceptional experience that ticks all the boxes for comfort, knowledge and cultural immersion. To experience the best in luxury tours of the White Cliffs of Dover, enquire today. Explore our one-day tours from London and other exclusively curated UK tours to discover more of England's captivating allure.

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White Cliffs, Canterbury and Leeds Castle Day Tour Enquiry

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